Where can I find information on Diagnostic Imaging, interventional radiology, and radiation therapy?

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and American College of Radiology have websites dedicated to such information.
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Where is your billing office located?

Our billing office is located at:
Associated Radiologists, Inc.
1120 Kanawha Blvd East
Charleston, WV 25301

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Why does voice mail answer during normal business hours?

We are on the other line assisting another patient. Please leave a message and your call will be returned in the order it was received. Voice mail is checked on a regular basis.

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Why does my statement show the full balance due when I've already made a payment?

Please check the date of your statement. If that date is less than a week from the date you made your payment, they most likely crossed in the mail.

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Why did I receive a statement when my secondary insurance says they have not received a bill?

We can not bill your secondary insurance unless we have the appropriate information. If we do have the appropriate information, we can not bill the secondary until we receive a payment or denial from your primary insurance (this includes Medicare).

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Why don't you have the insurance information that I called and gave to the hospital?

We only receive the information the hospital has at time of registration. You will need to call us with any updates because we do not receive any updates from the hospital. Please do not assume we have the correct information; call us to verify.

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How can I give you my updated / current insurance information?

You can call us at (304) 344-3457 and speak to a representative or leave a message on the voice mail including the patient's name, name & address of your insurance, the policy or ID#, and the name of the subscriber along with your relationship to the subscriber. You may also fax a copy of your card to (304) 720-2444 or via mail to:

Associated Radiologists Inc.
PO Box 11137
Charleston, WV 25339

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I have Workers' Compensation. Why haven't you billed them?

We probably do not have enough information. We need the name of your workers' Compensation carrier, the name of your employer at the time of the injury, the date of injury, and your claim number.

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Do you have a charity program?

No, we do not have a charity program, but we do offer payment arrangements under certain special circumstances. Please call our billing office at (304) 344-3457 for more details or to see if you qualify.

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Why did I receive a bill from you when I already received a bill from the hospital?

We are a separate entity from the hospital. The hospital bill is for use of the equipment and our bill is for the Radiologists reading of the image.

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Where can I obtain a copy of my radiology report?

Contact the records department at the hospital where your medical imaging was performed. Charleston Area Medical Center Medical Records telephone number is (304) 388-1300.

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Why can’t I speak to the radiologist who read my X-Ray film?

You need to contact the physician who ordered your exam to discuss the results. Your physician will contact the radiologist to clarify any issues.

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